Blood Marks Service

Fingermark in Blood

We offer specialist location and recovery of fingerprints and footwear marks using a full range of development and enhancement techniques.  We can address the issue of how a mark associated with blood was formed.  This is a service which was provided by the Forensic Science Service until it closed at the end of March 2012.  We aim to work in partnership with the Police and other forensic providers to deliver the best possible outcome when fingerprints and footwear marks are required to be developed and the best possible interpretation of fingerprints and footwear marks in blood.

Our services include:

  • An integrated crime scene examination service with regard to fingerprint and footwear development.
  •  Integrated approach to other evidence types (eg DNA recovery).
  • Removal of smoke residues from fire scenes or exhibits from fire scenes to examine the underlying surfaces
  • Provision of factual and peer reviewed interpretive evidence on the composition and method of formation of fingerprints and footwear marks associated with blood.

Click the links below for two documents that further explain our service offering:

  • Examination of previously treated marks in blood where the issue of method of formation has not yet been addressed may be possible.
  • Defence examinations.
  • Provision of written statements and expert evidence in court.
  • Consultancy and training including advice and consultancy in setting up fingerprint development laboratories
  • Lecturing service in the field of forensic science.
  • Working with our associates, we can also provide fingerprint comparisons and specialist imaging services.