Body Fluids, BPA & DNA

We offer a range of services across the following evidence types:

In any case involving body fluids and DNA, it is crucial that an appropriate strategy for targeting, locating, identifying and analysing the relevant materials is utilised.  For example, in a sexual assault this will usually be primarily a search for semen, but depending on the alleged circumstances identification other body fluids may also be relevant for example saliva, faeces or vaginal secretions.  In a violent assault, the focus may be on the transfer of blood and analysis of any patterns within the blood. In some cases, the detection of DNA transferred by touch will be important.

Following the laboratory examination, the forensic scientist must then make an interpretation of the scientific findings in the context of the case circumstances – taking into account the presence or absence of specific body fluids and DNA, together with the amounts and location of any materials transferred.  In order to best assist the court, it is necessary for the scientist to evaluate the scientific findings against both the prosecution and defence accounts. This will include an assessment of the weight of the evidence where appropriate.

Expert Witness Services

With our extensive experience we can provide a very high standard of impartial expert witness services to prosecution or defence solicitors and advocates, in Civil and Criminal arenas.

We offer expert witness services in the following:

  • Independent examination and evidence review for prosecution and defence
  • Case review and investigative advice
  • Strategy setting and case progression for body fluid detection and DNA analysis in new cases
  • Strategy setting and review for historic ‘cold’ cases to enable best use of archived materials and best application of appropriate technology
  • A full evaluation of the evidence within the context of the case information and the prosecution and defence accounts
  • Interpretation of results for intelligence purposes
  • Specialist DNA calculations
  • Paternity, parentage and body identification
  • Consideration of continuity and contamination issues
  • Advising counsel before and during court proceedings
  • Presentation of evidence at court
  • Assessing practitioner performance at court

Consultancy Services

We can provide bespoke scientific advice in a range of areas.  As former national scientific leads in a large forensic provider, Principal Forensic Services’ Directors have significant experience and expertise in this area and are able to assist forensic laboratories, academic institutions and CJS representatives in scientific matters such as:

  • Defining and implementing best practice
  • Reviewing scientific procedures
  • Assessment of practitioner competency
  • Laboratory design and anti-contamination procedures
  • Investigating quality issues in laboratory and opinion based work
  • Design and provision of quality assurance trials and internal audits
  • Research project design, interpretation and review of project findings

Training and Education

Principal Forensic Services’ Directors have designed and delivered forensic science training and coaching over many years to forensic scientists, legal professionals, police and other stakeholders in the criminal justice system.

We offer bespoke training within our fields of expertise, to meet the needs of both scientific and non-scientific audiences:

  • Awareness training
  • Courses
  • Workshops

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.