Drawing the pieces of the forensic puzzle together

With our extensive forensic casework experience and expertise in scientific leadership, we can provide body fluid and DNA advice over a range of expert witness, consultancy, quality and training services.

At the present time, the provision of forensic services in the UK is going through a period of significant change, with increasing fragmentation of forensic provision.  In cases involving the potential transfer of body fluids and DNA, this may have a significant impact on:

  • The setting of a suitable strategy for the examination of the case items
  • The execution of the most appropriate body fluid searches and tests
  • The drawing together of the body fluid findings and the DNA results
  • The resultant interpretation and evaluation of the findings within the context of the case information and the prosecution and defence accounts

For example, when a body fluid is detected on an item and a DNA profile is obtained from an area of the staining, it is important that an expert opinion is given about whether or not the DNA originated from the body fluid detected. This is more difficult when the body fluid identification and DNA analysis are done in different organisations. Additionally the court will want to know what the overall body fluid and DNA findings mean in relation to the prosecution and defence accounts.

We can draw the pieces of the forensic puzzle together and provide full interpretation within a logical evaluative framework to ensure that the court is provided with a coherent and full picture of the scientific evidence.

We offer our services in relation to such matters to practitioners, investigators, advocates, and other stakeholders in the Criminal Justice System.