David Baldwin - Marks & Traces Expert

Dave Baldwin – Marks & Traces Expert

David is an internationally acknowledged expert on marks and traces. Elected in 2005 as chairman of the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI), Marks Expert Working Group, he was instrumental in driving forward the expert working group in ENFSI and made a significant contribution to the success of the group representing them at annual joint meetings with the ENFSI Board as well as attending meetings organised by other groups including the Quality Control Committee.

As Forensic Science Service (FSS) principal scientist for Marks David worked on complex and sensitive high-profile investigations in the UK and overseas, providing expert- witness testimony for over 30 years in cases covering a wide range of offences from terrorist incidents, murder, to burglary and theft. International work has included examinations for the UN and for the FBI. In all cases, he ensured that rigorous standards were applied and suitable conclusions reached. He received the Metropolitan Police Commissions Commendation in recognition of his professionalism and ability in a complex murder investigation. He has given expert testimony in Magistrates’, Crown, and Appeal Courts

David has also been involved in the use of footwear marks in crime intelligence. This has been within the FSS and also working directly within a number of police forces.

As quality and technical lead within the FSS, David developed all Marks examination standards and competencies used by the FSS, leading to greater consistency in operating procedures and competence monitoring.  He has undertaken quality reviews, investigations and audits and been directly involved in setting up proficiency tests and trials.

David was the UK Marks Lead Assessor for The Council for the Registration of Forensic Practitioners (CRFP) foa total of seven years until its demise in 2009.

David has created and managed a bespoke training programme for trainee forensic scientists covering footwear, tool marks, tyre marks, manufacturing detail and plastic packaging. He was responsible for assessing overall performance and readiness to practise as qualified experts. He has delivered training and awareness sessions to external customers and international scientists including being a nominated expert for EU sponsored projects in the Czech Republic and Lithuania.

David is a trained auditor and has undertaken work as a Technical Assessor (to ISO17025) for UKAS.

Further details can be found at David’s Linkedin Profile page, or at his website Baldwin Forensic Consultancy

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