Forensic Pathology Services

Expert medicolegal opinions can be provided on all matters of forensic pathology in both civil matters (proof or defence of civil liability) and criminal matters (defence of criminal liability), as they relate to both living and decedent victims of physical assault or other forms of injury, in the key areas of:

  • Injury Interpretation (classification, mechanism of causation and age)
  • Role/Contribution of Underlying Natural Diseases
  • Role/Contribution of any Positive Toxicological Findings
  • Role/Contribution of other Ancillary Investigations
  • Determination of the Medical Cause of Death
  • Understanding the Mechanism of Death
  • Determination of the Manner of Death (Natural vs Unnatural)
  • Accurate sub-classification of an Unnatural Manner of Death (Homicide, Accident, Suicide, Undetermined)

These opinions will be provided by review of the following items as necessary in an individual case:

  • Prepared Case Summary Documents
  • Witness Statements
  • Transcripts of Police Interviews of Suspects
  • Transcripts of Witness Evidence
  • Copies of Medical Records
  • Reports on Death Scene Examinations
  • Photographs of Death Scenes
  • Post Mortem Examination Reports
  • Photographs of the Post Mortem Examination
  • Toxicology Reports
  • Histology slides
  • Forensic Scientist Examination Reports
  • Prepared Expert Witness Reports and Statements
  • Transcripts of Expert Witness Testimony

Requests to conduct Second/Defence Post Mortem Examinations will be considered on a case-specific basis.