Mike Barber - DNA Expert

Mike Barber – DNA Expert

Mike is a prominent forensic DNA expert witness with considerable case experience within forensic biology. He is a highly skilled provider of clear and balanced expert opinion to help solicitors, advocates and barristers support their clients and the Criminal Justice System. He is a hugely experienced scientist, whose career has been focused on developing DNA analysis capability, defining standards, interpreting findings, explaining evidence and providing advice to help both defence and prosecution teams.

He has presented evidence at court in some of the most serious and high profile cases both in the UK and overseas. For example, his work established that the murder conviction of David Milgaard was a miscarriage (Canada) and he presented evidence in the subsequent trial that found Larry Fisher guilty of the same offence. He was a key witness at the Supreme Court in Singapore in the case of serial killer John Martin Scripps in which his DNA work played a crucial part.

Mike has a great depth of technical knowledge. As Principal DNA Scientist (head of discipline) with the former Forensic Science Service (FSS), he set the technical standards for DNA analytical processes, staff competencies and training. He was head of the FSS DNA Specialist Unit and led the set up of the first dedicated low template DNA ultra-clean facility. He has led the validation and implementation of several major new DNA processes. In 2008 he was a key contributor to Professor Brian Caddy’s review of the Science of Low Template DNA Analysis. Mike has considerable experience around the optimisation of existing DNA recovery and analytical processes, improving success rates, process efficiency and output quality. Through audit and process review he can provide effective, risk-focused quality assurance as he has done over many years to the FSS, the National DNA Database and the courts.

Mike had the original idea for the cold case investigation series “Operation Advance” and instigated the initial pilot work. Operation Advance received government funding and led to the conviction of more than 40 serious offenders over its three phases.

He was a key exponent during the development of genetic relationship testing and represented the British Government in a multinational delegation to Beijing in 2005, advising on disaster victim identification following the Thai tsunami disaster. He also received a police commendation for his work in leading the forensic response and reporting the DNA results for the identification of the British victims of the Egyptian terrorist bombings in Sharm el-Sheikh.

Mike has constructed a website that provides free information and independent advice about DNA paternity testing and other commercial DNA services available to private individuals – DNATestingExpert.com

For awareness training of DNA17, the new UK standard DNA testing system being rolled out this year go to – DNA17 Profiling Training ideal for Lawyers and non-scientists.

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