Questioned Documents Services

We provide a comprehensive service in the scientific examination of questioned documents and in the identification and comparison of handwriting and signatures.

  • Criminal prosecution
  • Criminal defence
  • Civil casework

Detailed observational skills are utilised to analyse documents in order to determine authenticity and detect forgery.

Results are produced results in the form of witness statements and reports for use in a court of law in a format that is understood by all parties.

Expert Witness

Expert Witness

  • Signature authenticity and forgery
  • Handwriting comparison and identification of author
  • Sequencing and relative dating of entries and documents
  • Identification and comparison of all types of printed documents
  • Examination of office machines including printers
  • Single joint expert work undertaken
  • Urgent work 24/7
  • Court attendance
  • Review of other experts reports
  • Advice on cross-examination of experts



Advice on strategy and examinations that may be possible

Advice throughout the lifetime of your case, if you instruct us

Free quotation service



Comprehensive Project management to UK and overseas institutes working to attain accreditation

ISO 17025 methods, procedures, validation

On-going competency testing systems and proficiency trials

Training & Education


Bespoke courses in Questioned Documents for beginners and trainees.

Advanced Courses for experts

Signature training for front line staff checking identity

Process re-engineering and efficiency improvement using our Lean Sigma method

Courses also offered to Schools and Universities

All courses are skills focussed and make use of hands on materials which demonstrate live forensic casework and real life situations.