Toxicology Services

Toxicology Services

A wide range of Forensic Toxicology services as an Expert Witness for criminal, coronial and civil casework involving alcohol and/or drugs including:

  • Road Traffic Act offences involving alcohol with any associated Alcohol Technical Defence calculations such as would be involved in ‘hip-flask’ and laced drinks defences in drink/driving cases;
  • Road Traffic Act offences involving drugs
  • Other Criminal cases such as murder, rape, poisonings, suspicious death including possible hospital malpractices.
  • Child custody cases where drug and/or alcohol misuse is important.
  • Workplace testing investigations involving drug use
  • Forensic Drug casework involving comment on rates of drug use in instances where a defendant claims that the drugs seized were for personal use rather than for supply.

A wide range of Training Courses for forensic professionals including:

  • A foundation course for potential drink and drug/driving Authorised Analysts,
  • A detailed Alcohol Technical Defence course for forensic suppliers
  • Drugs and alcohol training for Forensic Toxicologists including casework interpretation
  • Forensic Toxicology Awareness Talks/Seminars for other professionals

To provide advice for laboratories seeking ISO 17025 accreditation

Troubleshooting methods and advising on method improvements to generate improved efficiency and improve turnaround times for forensic science providers.