Training Services

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Multidisciplinary Training

Principal Forensic Services is a multidisciplinary independent company offering national and international training covering all areas of forensic science from crime scene to giving evidence in court.

We are a group of highly experienced forensic scientists who have led scientific standards in our disciplines and we offer training from the basic level right up to the most complex level in both technical and interpretational skills.

Procedures for item/sample collection, handling and preservation are crucial to a scientifically-robust outcome and we can offer training for scientifically-proven approaches.

For evidence interpretation scientific databases are increasingly important and we have a large amount of experience in their set-up and use.

Court Skills Training

Many of us have had international forensic placements assisting in developing and/or improving existing forensic facilities but also in preparing laboratories for formal accreditation such as ISO 17025.

An expert witness course, aimed at preparing scientific staff to present evidence in court, is also available. Other scientific professionals could also benefit from this course e.g. pathologists, consultants, and other medical professionals.

Courses will be customised so as to provide greatest customer benefit. Multidisciplinary courses will be useful for UK forensic providers as well as international government and private laboratories.