Criminal Defence

Principal Forensic Services is composed of leading scientists all internationally recognised and among the most highly respected specialists in their fields. PFS has global experience of providing independent criminal defence expertise to all parties including expert witness testimony commissioned by defence solicitors and advocates, in Civil and Criminal arenas.

We have been instrumental in developing industry standards across the forensic science spectrum and have been commissioned by the Home Office Forensic Science Regulator to contribute to many aspects of the Regulator’s Guidance published as appendices to the Forensic Science Regulator's Codes of Practice and Conduct. Quality, rigour and balance are central to all PFS work.

We provide the highest quality independent scientific review service utilising an unparalleled experience and talent profile.

Criminal Defence Forensic Science

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When providing independent expertise in a criminal case we would consider

  • What does the prosecution’s forensic evidence mean?
  • Is it fair, balanced and robust?
  • What are its weaknesses?
  • Was it conducted correctly?
  • Are there alternative explanations?
  • How might it be interpreted given your client’s account?
  • Could the evidence have arisen innocently?
  • Does the work done fully address the relevant issues?
  • Is it properly considered or is there only a Streamlined Forensic Report?
  • Have the scientific methods used been appropriately validated?

Our forensic criminal defence services apply to:

Blood Pattern Analysis (BPA)
Body Fluids & DNA
Fire Investigation
Questioned Documents
Drugs and Toxicology
Statistical Interpretation