David Goodwin, Fingerprint Expert, joins PFS Expertise

In News by Angela Shaw

PFS is very pleased to announce that David Goodwin has joined us with immediate effect. David started his career in fingerprints at New Scotland Yard in 1979, during his 10 years with the Metropolitan Police he worked on many general and specialist teams within the Fingerprint Bureau including Fraud and Anti-Terrorism.

He also spent 3 years working as a ‘District Fingerprint Officer’ – a Scenes of Crime Officer with the ability to utilise his fingerprint expertise – at Police Stations in North London.

In 1989, David moved to Northamptonshire Police as a Scenes of Crime Officer initially based at Corby, and then moved to Force Headquarters as Head of Fingerprints to start a Fingerprint Bureau from scratch.

During his 18 years with Northamptonshire Police, David took charge of not only the Fingerprint Bureau but also the Chemical Development Laboratory, he also project managed the various implementations of AFIS and Livescan systems within the Force.

On leaving the Police Service in 2008 he began the next chapter of his career as an ‘Independent Fingerprint Expert’, primarily involved in the case reviews of disputed fingerprint evidence and since 2008 reviews between 50 and 60 cases a year.

David has trained and mentored Police organisations around the world. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences and a Fellow of the Fingerprint Society. He also sits on the Forensic Science Regulators Fingerprint Quality Standards Specialist Group as an Independent Expert.

David is a very welcome addition to the PFS team.