Fingerprint Services

We specialise in three main areas of fingerprint work, Criminal Defence Case Reviews, Training and Consultancy.


Criminal Defence Case Reviews

If you have been charged with an offence and there is fingerprint evidence linked to that charge then one of the great strengths of the UK's Criminal Justice System is the ability of the Defence to view and question the evidence of the Prosecution, after all, how can you be assured that the evidence offered is fair, unbiased and above all else, accurate. 

Following Instruction, our expert will arrange to visit the Fingerprint Bureau that has produced the evidence package to ensure that the paperwork and continuity of the evidence is without fault and where available, view the original exhibits as well so as to give an opinion on how the object was touched or held.

A full written report of our findings will then be produced.

Training and Consultancy

We undertake training and consultancy throughout the World in Fingerprints, Chemical Development and Crime Scene investigation from an initial basic fingerprint/CSI course through to the end result of standing in a witness box and giving expert evidence.

Courses range from a very basic one week sampler course covering topics from every discipline to an advanced course scenario covering foundation/intermediate and advanced skills, lasting 10 weeks spread over 2 to 3 years.

Training courses are normally run in the host organisation or Country, for the simple reason that the students would be working with in-house equipment in an environment they are comfortable with. However, should the requirement be that the training must happen in the UK, then facilities can be found to enable this to happen.

As no two organisations are the same, no two training requirements are the same. Please speak to us about your own specific needs.

Our specialist training programmes include:

  • CSI
  • Crime Scene Management
  • Fingerprint / AFIS
  • Fingerprint Development Laboratory
  • Specialist Photography
  • Footwear
  • Other specialist programmes such as Fire and Bomb Scene Investigation can be provided through our wider network of specialists.