Fingerprint Services

We specialise in providing professional forensic development programmes that are aligned to UK standards as well as being adapted to the client’s operational context. Our ethos is to provide bespoke, quality solutions to customer needs, for example; whether by developing a forensic science capability from scratch to assessing and updating specialist skills, or improving efficiency and effectiveness of forensic services within a department.

Following an initial discussion with the client, we will provide our experienced professionals to carry out a scoping review and provide a report highlighting short, medium and long term recommendations. Our solutions will suggest for example an integrated approach to investigations including training and development programmes which are designed to ensure that each learner not only receives the training in their respective disciplines but are also made aware of the requirements of other roles in the investigation process, thereby ensuring that all evidence, intelligence and opportunities to detect crime are not missed.


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Our specialist training programmes include:

  • CSI
  • Crime Scene Management
  • Fingerprint / AFIS
  • Fingerprint Development Laboratory
  • Specialist Photography
  • Footwear
  • Other specialist programmes such as Fire and Bomb Scene Investigation can be provided through our wider network of specialists.