Gillian Leak to deliver BPA Workshop in St Lucia

In News by Angela Shaw

The St Lucia Forensic Science Services in conjunction with the University of Ottawa will present the 4th Annual Caribbean Medicolegal and Forensic Symposium on the 15-16th November 2019 in Castries, St Lucia.

The educational content of the programme will address topics in forensic science, law, sociology and forensic pathology, entities with subtle or no findings in the ER, at post mortem examination and those with uncertain/unknown pathophysiological mechanisms of death in pediatric forensic pathology, under the thematic title of “Protecting the Children of the Caribbean from Maltreatment and Abuse”.The didactic content of the programme will be delivered by an international faculty of expert speakers of diverse backgrounds, experience and interests.

Prior to the symposium Gillian Leak of PFS will deliver a one-day BPA workshop to police and forensic scientists.