Iain Peck

Fire Investigation Expert

Iain is a nationally renowned fire investigation expert with a wealth of experience in scene and laboratory-based fire and explosion investigations.

Iain graduated from university with a Bachelors degree in Biological Sciences and a Masters degree in Forensic Science. He joined the Forensic Science Service in 1998 working in the DNA Unit and transferring to the Fire Investigation Unit in 2000 becoming a Senior Reporting Officer specialising in fire investigation and related examinations.

He has examined a wide range of fire and explosion scenes and been the lead forensic fire investigator in many high profile complex cases such as the Cutty Sark fire and the Tottenham Riots usually to determine the origin and cause of the fire. He has been involved in many laboratory based examinations including flammable liquid analysis, heat damage assessment and interpretation, appliance testing and temperature monitoring. 

He has experience in dealing with international organisations including the UN and Police services regarding casework, training and presenting evidence at court.

He has designed, presented and coordinated specialised fire investigation training courses for a number of Police services since 2003 and continues to do so. He also trained and mentored new fire investigators in the Forensic Science Service. Iain was an Assessor for the Council for the Registration of Forensic Practitioners until its demise in 2009.

Iain has carried out a number of fire investigation case reviews for various police services including R vs Philpott, Philpott and Mosley where six children died as the result of a house fire in Derbyshire and Op Shakespeare concerning the fatality of five children and their mother for Essex and Kent Police Serious Crime Directorate.

Iain has also been instructed by a number of defending solicitors and for civil cases including the fire at Dhaka Tobacco Industries, Bangladesh with a reported loss of $46 million.

Iain has extensive knowledge and experience of the legal process and has given evidence as an expert witness in Crown Court and Coroners Court on many occasions.