Jonathan Whitaker and Channel 4

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Jonathan Whitaker of Principal Forensic Services talked to Channel 4 about the use of familial DNA testing which it is hoped will solve a murder on a train from 25 years ago. Jonathan led the team of scientists who developed familial DNA searching in 2002.

 Another scientist from Principal Forensic Services, Julie Allard, was also involved in the investigation of this case and preparation of the DNA profiles.  Blood which the offender left at the scene was originally subjected to blood grouping by another scientist who attended the crime scene and first dealt with the case.  Remnants of the bloodstaining were retained at the FSS London laboratory and in the 1990s Julie submitted samples from these for DNA profiling. The results were loaded onto the National DNA Database but no matches have been found. Hopefully the familial DNA tests now being done will help identify the offender.