PFS Delivers Training to Chinese MOJ Delegation

In News by Angela Shaw

PFS was pleased to accept an invitation to deliver training on British forensic systems and its evolvement to date to senior officials and policy makers from the Ministry of Justice of People’s Republic of China and a number of provincial offices. The training took place on the 25th and 26th October 2018 at a venue in London organised by Sino-Bridge International (SBI), a subsidiary of a parent company based in Beijing, People’s Republic of China. SBI has been designated by the Chinese central and local governments as a facilitator for hundreds of training missions to visit the UK for exchanges.

Dr Sue Pope and Julie Allard, both of PFS, delivered training on the 25th October 2018 on the role of the Expert Witness in the UK, Forensic Scientists as Expert Witnesses, Types and Content of Expert Reports and a Forensic Expert’s Role in the Interpretation of Evidence.

Angela Shaw, PFS, delivered training on the 26th October 2018 on Quality Standards and Systems including Standards and Accreditation, ISO 17025 and 17020 Accreditation Requirements, UK Forensic Lab Accreditation and Cross-contamination and Countermeasures – Case Examples.

The delegation participated fully and generated some very interesting discussions and Q&A sessions.