Roger Robson Joins PFS Expertise

In News by Angela Shaw

PFS is very pleased to announce the addition of Professor Roger Robson, a leading expert in the forensic examination of textile fibres and hairs, with over 40 years experience, to our portfolio of experts. 

Originally rooted in the Forensic Science Service for 20 years, Roger trained in various disciplines and specialised in micro-particle examination, analysis and evaluation. Having now amassed over 40 years experience he specialises in the forensic aspects of complex serious casework: solving historic cases, resolving complex current cases and providing second opinions for defence teams. This foundation allows Roger to work on international cases; advise the UK judicial system, the Home Office and national security organisations on all matters of forensic science and policy formulation.  

Roger’s professional reputation is very well known and he currently holds the position of President of the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences where he is also an active qualified assessor. He is a Fellow of this Society and recently retired Fellow of the Society of Biology. He has produced a wide range of publications and contributed to Manuals of Best Practice; and currently holds the position of Visiting Professor of Forensic Science: School of Law, Policing & Forensic Science, Staffordshire University.

We are delighted Roger has joined us and he will be an invaluable member of the team.