Roger Robson

Forensic Advisor: Textile Fibres & Hairs Expert

Professor Roger Robson is a figurehead and respected expert in the forensic industry; with extensive knowledge across most forensic disciplines, their quality accreditation processes, method application and evaluation.

Originally rooted in the Forensic Science Service for 20 years, being trained in various disciplines and specialising in micro-particle examination, analysis and evaluation. Now with over 40 years’ experience, he specialises in the forensic aspects of complex serious casework: solving historic cases, resolving complex current cases and providing second opinion for the defence or to lodge an Appeal. This foundation allows Roger to work on international cases; advise the UK judicial system, the Home Office and national security organisations on all matters of forensic science and policy formulation.

Roger also has considerable management experience, working at executive and Board level for four of the leading UK commercial forensic providers in various Director positions since 2002. He has been central to laboratory design and the implementation of ISO 17025; 17020; 17043 accreditation systems across a range of disciplines.

Roger is probably the UK’s leading expert in crimes involving the transfer of microscopic particles: textile fibres, hairs, paints and plastics forming the backbone of his expert witness career; providing evidence in many criminal courts in the UK, Ireland, Holland, France, Kuwait, Afghanistan and Australia. He is a registered Europol Expert. He has been recognised for his work on many of the highest profile cases in the UK and received Commendations for his contribution.

His reviews often cover:

  • the examination of crime scenes, especially murder scenes
  • examination of CCTV footage
  • the recovery of trace evidence using tape lifts; 1:1 mapping and zonal techniques
  • conducting detailed reviews into the integrity and continuity of exhibits to ensure robustness of evidence
  • the examination and identification of microscopic particles
  • analytical identification using a range of techniqes
  • identification and comparison of textile fibre dyes and polymers
  • the identification and comparison of human and animal hairs
  • industrial enquiries including sourcing of items and sourcing contamination
  • the assessment of the significance of scientific findings in the context of the case
  • critique of the presentation of both written and oral evidence to courts

Well respected for his impartiality – Roger is believed to be the only UK forensic expert who has been instructed twice on separate cases by both the prosecution and defence.

Roger’s professional reputation is very well known and he currently holds the position of President of the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences where he is also an active qualified assessor. He is a Fellow of this Society and recently retired Fellow of the Society of Biology. He has produced a wide range of publications and contributed to Manuals of Best Practice; is an adviser to crime drama script writers; has appeared in documentaries and even appeared as part of an Arts critique panel on Sky TV!

He currently holds the position of Visiting Professor of Forensic Science: School of Law, Policing & Forensic Science, Staffordshire University and has previously sat on the Steering Committee for a Public Hearing looking into the ethics of the UK National DNA Database. He has lectured and trained internationally; Chaired various international working groups and served on the UK’s Forensic Regulator's Advisory Council since 2009. 

" ...a very wise expert…"  Michael Mansfield QC.