Forensic Training Services

PFS experts have a great depth of experience and knowledge in all aspects of forensic science. We are ideal partners to assist customers with their training and development needs.

Our services will align to meet your laboratory and group requirements in the most effective format, from in-depth modular training programs to bespoke one-off courses and workshops.

We can offer:

  • Initial training needs analysis to focus course content and to help you develop learning objectives
  • Course delivery at a location to meet your needs
  • Post course trainee assessment and/or trainee attendance certificates for all training events
  • Proficiency testing to demonstrate knowledge transfer and skills learning
  • On-going support, e.g. to help embed skills or to support specific case evidence interpretation

Further course information can be provided on request

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Training in Scientific Evidence Examination and Interpretation

General Courses

Case Assessment and Interpretation (CAI)

The basic principles of interpretation of evidence apply to all areas of forensic science. PFS provide training on how to arrive at a logically based expert opinion using the concepts of Case Assessment and Interpretation both to support the investigative phase and for evidence at court. Development of CAI was led by PFS’s Ian Evett who was awarded a CBE in 2016. CAI training can be provided as a general course or specific to evidence type.

Expert Witness and Court Room Skills

How to present evidence in written and oral form. Covers the criminal court system, roles of court officials, evidence interpretation, duties of expert witnesses, rules of evidence, the required attitudes and behaviours, principles of courtroom dynamics and communication. Includes statement writing exercises, cross-examination exercises and a full witness box exercise. It does not test academic background and can be delivered for any evidence type.

Evidence Specific Course Examples

Evaluation and Reporting of Sexual Offences
Blood Pattern Analysis (awareness, basic and advanced courses)
Principles of DNA Evaluation (Single Source)
DNA Mixture Evaluation and Reporting
Low Template DNA Analysis and Reporting
DNA Kinship Analysis
Disaster Victim Identification
Integrity of DNA Evidence: Understanding & Minimising DNA Contamination
Drugs and Alcohol: Analysis and Interpretation
Drug Driving: Foundation Course
Alcohol Technical Defence
Footwear Marks (intelligence and evidence comparison courses)
Tool Marks Evidential Comparison
Marks: Packaging and Plastic Film
Fire Investigation Training and Refresher Training
Fire Exhibit Officer Training
Electricity and Electrical Causes of Fire
Petrol Bombs and Incendiary Devices
Evidence recovery training at scenes of crime – Firearms

Firearms classification

Bullet trajectory reconstruction

Wound ballistics

Comparison microscopy

Review of IBIS comparisons

Quality Management and Quality Standards Training

Quality management in forensic science should form the core of everything we do. PFS has decades of experience developing and implementing laboratory standards as well as achieving and maintaining ISO17025 accreditation. We are key contributors to UK Governmental standards as detailed in the Forensic Science Regulator’s Codes of Practice and Conduct. PFS also has its own expert quality assessors who are regularly commissioned by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) to assess forensic science providers’s compliance with the requirements of ISO17025.

Evidence Specific Course Examples

Introduction to Quality Management Quality Management
Systems and Documentation (ISO17025, ISO17020)
Quality Management and Achieving ISO17025 Accreditation
Process Validation
The Integrity of Scientific Evidence: Minimising the Risk of Contamination